Thursday, 30 May 2013

See Me Here LV520-iii Portable Speaker System

Better quality video that try to demonstrate the audio quality of LV520. Remember that in real life it sounds much better. When the music goes through camera microphone the quality cannot remain the same.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"See Me Here" (不见不散) LV520 sound stick

One year ago when in Taiwan I paid a visit to Taoyuan Weekend Flower market. "Weekend" because it is open only on Saturday. It is located between Taoyuan City and Gueishan Township, close to Nankan creek. It is a bit hidden, under a main road that cross the river, but also on a "pedestrian" bridge, that is in fact a scooter lane decorated with vegetable sales tables. The best attraction in the flower market is of course the most wonderful orchids, all colours and sizes.

 This is Nankan creek or river. The flower market is to the right from this view.

The Flower Market is located UNDER this road. On the little bridge you can see vegetable vendors, but the orchids are under the big bridge.

Don Esaias is my faithful travel buddy. One of his soft spots is the exaggerated attraction to flowers. An other one you will learn shortly when we talk about the "See Me Here portable sound system".

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hi, my name is Taiwanfinn. I have been dragging my feet in starting this blog. I have lots of ideas, but little time. This blog is about Taiwan through the eyes of an European. I will write mainly about Taiwan, Finland, Luxembourg, cycling, hiking, nature, language and radio hobby.

My first blog entry is a very practical review of a portable sound system (in fact it is more like a stick) that I purchased in Taiwan last year, but only now really studied its charms. This first entry, that will appear shortly on this blog, combines three of my loves, Taiwan, cycling and radio hobby.

Later on I will report cycling trip in Taiwan.


This flower is Bombax ceiba (latin), or commonly known as cotton tree. More info here.
Found by Nankan river in March.