Saturday, 24 May 2014

April cycling Luxembourg City - Berdorf - Moesdroff

Piste Cyclable Luxembourg - Echternach (PC2) is 43 km long. It has been a long lasting favourite, but I haven't done it for long time. This time I didn't do it all either, but most of it anyway. Starting from Bonnevoie, to Luxembourg Centere - Kirchberg - Senningerberg - Rameldange - Ernster - Gonderange - Eschweiler - Beidweiler - Rippig - Hemstal - Bech - Wolper - Consdorf - Berdorf (coffee pause and strawberry sandwiches at the house of friends), then Grundhof - Dillingen - Reisdorf - Moesdroff.

The track as recorded by Sports tracker. This time the app didn't fail me, like many times before.