Sunday, 23 February 2014

Luxembourg is with Venezuela

In principle, I don't write about politics. But now I do. The media attention of the world is turned to Ukraine, which is easy to understand. Something out of ordinary is happening there. But others write about it, I don't need to.

I have visited Venezuela only twice, but have had a special interest in it for years. That is why I regularly follow news from that country. Venezuela is blessed with beautiful scenery, abundant natural resources, fertile soil, pleasant climate and nice people, but somehow everything go wrong there. Venezuela has biggest oil reserves in the world. It should be one of the most wealthy nations on the planet, but it has more problems than we can count. For 15 years the country has been ruled by socialist government that destroy everything it touches.


Venezuela used to be a big producer of coffee and other agricultural products, but now there is lack of basic foods like corn flour and milk, not to mention coffee. The government is spending money recklessly in this and that without any accountability. The riches of the country are wasted. The country was ruled by Hugo Chavez until last year when he died from cancer. When I first saw him on television some 5 years ago, I had a feeling that he will destroy the beautiful country of Venezuela. Chavez was regularly spitting curses on other people and other nations and draw a curse on himself and on the whole nation. The new president Nicolas Maduro is trying to imitate Chavez. He doesn't have any charisma like his predecessor and makes himself look ridiculous, but is equally or even more dangerous for the country and the whole region.


The socialist regime have given the control of the country to Cubans. Cuba teach the government how to control, manipulate and oppress the opposition. Economy is in ruins. Foreign investment stay away. Inflation is rampant. Violence and crime flourish. The regime try to silence the opposition totally by taking control over the media. The mass rallies organized by students are depressed with violence. Foreign news agencies are kicked out from the country. Opposition is demonized calling them fascists, while the regime is using nazi style intimidation. Dissidents are throwin into jail. Justice system is used to silence critics.


I could talk about these long time, but suffice to put this link here. The video explain what is really happening in Venezuela.

On 22 February there were demonstrations all over the world in support of freedom in Venezuela. The purpose was to raise awareness on the trouble the Venezuelan people has under the dictatorial government. Luxembourg was there too! Enjoy the photos.


I dont want to demonize anybody, but cannot resist to put this link here. It is a video explaining how the late president practiced black magic. That was the main reason for the exhumation of the Liberator of Latin America, Simon Bolivar. Creepy! Only in Spanish.

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