Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bicycle trip in tripoint, place where three countries, Germany, France and Luxembourg, meet

One of the advantages of living in Luxembourg is that you can visit several countries in one afternoon.
This is my bicycle trip that covered 3 countries within 3 hours. See the track in Sportstracker.
I wanted to start at Wormeldange, small town close to river Mosel, but couldn't find parking. Across the bridge, on the German side, there is spacious "Mitfahrerparkplatz" of Wincheringen. First I pedalled on the German side of the river to south, towards France. In France I crossed the river and rode back on the Luxembourgish side.
This is Wormeldange

It was the first warm day of the year: -3 in the morning and +16 degrees in the afternoon! It doesn't sound much, but after long winter it feel almost too hot.

This track is on the German side. Very few people there. Only camping sites, all empty, since it is not the season yet.
Mosel german side

Vineyards are everywhere. These vines are pruned for the new growth season.
Pruned vine

I had to be careful with these fellows that like to walk on the bicycle track.
Shy goose

What a luxury, all for myself.
Lovely track

Remich seen from the German side of the river Mosel.

Wine growers live in mansions.
Wine growers are rich

A piece of history, a border barrier was here separating Germany from France. Now you hardly notice when you cross the border.
Ancient frontier

Sierck-les-Bains isone of the small towns in the French side by the river Mosel. It was a prosperous place until the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), that was probably the most destructive war in the history of Europe. The castle is Château des ducs de Lorraine. Compared to Luxembourg towns this town looks run-down.
Sierck-les-Bains, France

Cross the river Mosel back to Luxembourg. Schengen became famous for the Schengen Agreement, that abolishes the internal border controls in the European Union. The European Museum is located in Schengen, but it is too elegant for me to visit now.
Way to go, Schnegen

On the Luxembourgish side more people enjoy the nice weather. Cycling track is perfect for roller skating, unlike the cement track on the German side.

Mosel river, Route du Vin.
Route du Vin

"Op Mecheren" (Latin: maceries, masonry in English). This is a monument at the place where an important roman funerary monument was built in the 2. century. There was also a luxurious Gallo-Roman villa. The archeological treasures were destroyed by recent industrial activity.
Monument funeraire "op Mecheren"

Vignerons, Vineyards along the river. Luxembourg produces plenty of white wine like Riesling, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois, Rivaner, Elbling and last but not least the famous sparkling wine Crémant de Luxembourg.

Cormorant is an awesome bird. Once threatened by use of DDT, the numbers of this bird have increased markedly in recent years. It is a master diver, stays 30 - 60 seconds under the water. In the photo: cormorant take-off.
Cormorant take-off

Fancy architecture by the river.
Iron house

Last view over the river Mosel and Wormeldange.
View over Wormeldange and river Mosel

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