Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Exploits of Don Esaias - Attack on the sea

Don Esaias doesn't stop surprising me. He always go through adventures. Despite of the dangers, he manage to come out of them as conqueror and hero. One time he met an angry bear and had to wrestle it down with his bare hands. Here's the photo:
Don Esaias and the bear

Another time he saved a maiden that was attacked by a double-headed eagle.
Don Esaias defending a maiden

This time he went sailing. I know this story is true, since I heard it from himself. The photos are a solid proof that everything really happened as told.

One day he was walking by the sea and saw an old friend, Don José Martí, trying to start the engine of his boat, but in vain.
The boat is ready

In no time Don had fixed the engine. Thankful Don José Martí wanted to reward Don Esaias, and gave the boat for him for weekend, knowing that Don Esaias is a qualified skipper, not only for small boats, but big ones, those that can cross oceans.
Friend giving helping hand

The weather was perfect.
Clouds over the lake Kyrösjärvi

Don Esaias enjoy the sun and the waves, steering the boat like a boss.
Don Esaias the skipper

But suddenly there was a noise in the back of the boat. An illegal passenger! A stowaway! Don Esaias is always ready to share his adventeures on the sea with friends. This fellow looked nice, and handsome too with his toned body and big smile.
Don Esaias and new friemd

Without any warning this uninvited passenger, who at first sight seem to be easy going, attack Don Esaias and try to take over the command of the boat.
Don Esaias in trouble

Little did he know that Don Esaias has a black belt in Kong-fu.
Don Esaias get a bite

A fierce battle took place. The vile attacker tried to tie up Don Esaias in order to put him in the small life boat that was towed behind the vessel and leave him adrift on the high seas, to die in thirst and hunger.
Life boat

Don Esaias pretended to be a helpless loser, waiting for the right moment when he would use his superior skills in martial arts.
Unexpected attack

He captured the attacker inside a doughnut. That trick he learned when helping Taipei City Police Department to catch bubble tea gang.
Don Esaias and doghnut

If you listen carefully, you can hear the criminal whining in the lifeboat, on his way to police station.

After delivering the criminal into the hands of the law enforcement officials, Don Esaias had a nice cup of coffee in his favourite coffee shop.

And a bun, of course, with buttery filling.
Don Esaias eating butter bun

As always, ladies gather around him to hear stories about his trips in all 5 contintents, trying to win favour in his eyes.
Don Esaias eating strawberry

Next time you will hear his adventure in a far eastern land, where the storm was so violent, that it rained ducks.
Don Esaias - raining ducks

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  1. All hail Don Esaias! And his trusted companion and official photographer! I look forward to the next instalment of your adventures!