Friday, 27 September 2013

Harvest time!

This time of the year there is an abundance of vegetables and fruit. Quality is top and prices low. The best thing though is to gather wild, 100 % organic harvest. That is what I did today. I concentrate on two things: walnuts and apples. On my way to work there are couple of walnut trees. One of them is growing close to the river and it gives big and exceptionally tasty nuts. Many other people know about it. I went to see it and was surprised, that I was the first one to come and found many.

First I peel them, if the green soft layer is still on. The colour stick hard on my fingers and it is impossible to get rid of.

Luxembourg Wort recently wrote: "Overweight adults can help protect themselves from diabetes and heart disease by adding walnuts to their diet." Link is here.

Size vary a lot.

After peeling the nuts need to be dried. It happens in any relatively dry room on a newspaper. Be careful that the nuts don't touch each other. It is to prevent possible mold to spread from nut to nut. After two weeks they are dry and can be kept for months. I didn't pay a cent for these lovely nuts.

Other free fruit that abound this year, is apple. The town has planted dozens of apple trees in the close by meadow. Most of the fruit are spoiled since very few people bother to go and pick up some for themselves. I did.

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