Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mam Vëlo vu Miersch an d’Stad / From Mersch to Luxembourg City by Bicycle

European Mobility Week 2013 is on now! Every year, third week of September cities all over Europe organize activities trying to promote sustainable mobility. That is: cycling, walking, roller skating and other environmental friendly and healthy ways to move from one place to another. 

This photo is not from the Mobility Week, but from Maastricht two weeks ago. It's  only purpose is to make you see the rest of the photos in this article.

Tuesday morning I participated in "Mam Vëlo vu Miersch an d’Stad", From Mersch to Luxembourg City by Bicycle. Organizer is Lêtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ LVI. The idea was to ride bicycle from Mersch to Luxembourg City early in the morning and have coffee and croissant at the Town hall before going to work. The total distance is 19 km. I did only 12 by joining the group that passed by my village.

Starting point by the Nei Aarbech, only 3 people show up here before me, but there was more coming in few minutes from Mersch.

Luxembourg is a small country. Maybe this group can be seen here as Critical Mass.

Here we go, let's beat the train! DSC_4481


We follow mostly the Piste Cyclable number 15.

We get some more participants at Walferdange

Only place where we have to cross a busy (in Luxembourgish terms) road is here. No problem. DSC_4509


Approaching Luxembourg city


At Place Guillaume, where the Town Hall is located, a delegation of Chinese tourists were waiting for us(?).

Here we are, the whole group of cyclists that defy wind and rain early in the morning, in front of Hotel de Ville. In fact it is not a hotel at all, it is just how they call Town Hall in French. Don't ask to sleep there.

This is our motivation to wake up early and ride bicycle in wind and rain: fresh pastry and hot coffee!

The Luxembourg city mayor Mr. Xavier Bettel himself came to greet us. He is really nice, and not only because of the looming elections.


After coffee and pastries, au bouleau (to work)! On the way, and as part of the Mobility week, every cyclist got a present. These charming people gave me a bag with a surprise.

The last 2 photos are from my weekend ride (69,2 km).


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