Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cycling trip to the North of Luxembourg

First cycling trip this summer. May was record cold, but this morning temperature was decent 6 degrees and weather forecast promised sunshine. It is closest to summer weather since anybody can remeber. I chose to take train to the wild north of Luxembourg, to Kautenbach and cycle from there to Vianden and further to Diekirch. I made a shortcut to Diekirch and didn't see Vianden at all, but no matter, views were breathtaking. Luxembourg surprises me every time more and more. What a beautiful country it is!

The trip start by taking train to the north. Trains are not frequent on Sunday, but if you know the timetable, it is not a problem. I paid only passenger fee, around 4 euros for whole day. Bicycle is free, unlike few years ago. So much easier than to load bicycles on car and drive.

Bikes on train.


Chemin de Fer de Luxembourg train.


Kautenbach station.

Bicycle tracks are usually clearly numbered and marked, like this:


Some private housed amaze me.


Vintage Summer!


Donkey and Hosingen FM- and TV-mast. With its 300 meters it is the talles structure in Luxembourg!  Three times higher that the Cour de Justice building (103 m). The antennas ar at  a height of 285 metres and pointed toward Germany. They carry German speaking program of RTL on 97,0 MHz with the power of 100 kW. Luxembourgish programme is on 92,5 MHz and power half of the German one. These antennas are located close to Radio Luxembourg Marnach transmitter site. Later I will make a blog entry about it and also the most beautiful radio transmitter site in Junglinster.


Luxembourg is a popular holiday destination especially for the Dutch. This campsite in Diekirch is one of the many serving our Dutch friends.

 The Deanery Church of Saint Laurence in Diekirch