Monday, 17 June 2013

Luxembourg Belair Church

This extraordinary Church was built in the 1950's It carries the name of Pope Pius X, who was the head of the Roman Catholic Church just before the first world war, The Great War. He was traditional in views and criticized relativism. He was canonized probably because of the miracles connected to him

"On one occasion, during a papal audience, Pius X was holding a paralyzed child who wriggled free from his arms and then ran around the room. On another occasion, a couple (who had made confession to him while he was bishop of Mantua) with a two-year-old child with meningitis wrote to the Pope and the Pope then wrote back to them to hope and pray. Two days later, the child was cured."


The sharp Church tower is visible over the whole Luxembourg City. Thät makes it an easy to find meeting point.


The Church tower reach to the sky like an arrow or a space ship.


The stained glass windows on the South side of the Church symbolise The Eucharist, the Holy Communion. I was there in the morning but really it must be seen in the afternoon.





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