Sunday, 21 July 2013

“ALLES OP DE VËLO” Bicycle ride from Mersch to Mamer and beyond - UPDATED!

This morning was wonderful. It is a sign that the day will be hot.
That is exactly what happened. Luxembourg is basking in heat wave. The thermometer show 31,5 in the shade this afternoon. Mac computer started to slow down. Ice bricks under it help a lot.

Despite of the hot weather, I joined in "Alles op de vëlo" organized by Movement Ecologique, environmental pressure group, and Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ, organisation that promotes cycling. During the event the road between Mersch and Mamer in closed for motorized traffic. Cyclists of all ages and all kinds of bicycles do 15 km ride along this beautiful road, 30 km allez-retour. Other times of the year this road is too busy and dangerous. I decided to participate and Don Esaias came along. Don is in favour of nuclear energy, but he don't mind doing some cycling. and recycling.

The journey, or rather the Alles-op-de-Velo part of it, start in Mersch (or alternatively in Mamer for those who live that way). Mersch is a pittoresque little town 15 km north from the capital. By the way, the capital city of Luxembourg is called Luxembourg City, Ville de Luxembourg in French.

St. Michaels Church in beautiful! It was built some 150 yrs ago in Neoclassical style with an impressive colonnade doorway.

Movement Ecologique has 3000 members, but I guess most of the participants are not members. We were offered membership, but we refused. Anyways, there were lots of participants, hard to say how many, since they scatter on 15 km track and do not start at the same time.
The bike in the middle seem to be too small. That is one way to get permanently damaged knees. Another bike look like a horse. P1250701
Absolutely georgeous road.


Refreshments were available at several places, Mersch, Schoenfels Castle, Kopstal, Mamer. Here Don Esaias is enjoying refreshments, lager and letzebuergesch grillwurscht. Somewhere on the road I saw words "Thüringer type". I hope Thüringen, Germany, officials did not see it. Thuringian sausage is geographically protected name and Luxembourg is no more allowed to use that name for their sausages.
Small accidents happen, but help is near.
Girl and a bike, what can be more cute? DSC_5975





After arriving to the other end of the track, Mamer, we didn't bother to go back the same way, even though then we could have participated twice in the lottery. We went to to Luxembourg City instead, and was surprised by the crowd in Place d'Armes. Soon we discovered that they were watching a big screen, live broadcast from Brussels. Belgium, our dear neighbour has a new monarch, King Philippe. The Square was full of people munching waffles. Waffle is the other national food of Belgium. The other one is Waterzooi. Waffle ts from Wallonie, french speaking Belgium, and Waterzooi is from Flanders, the Flemish speaking Belgium. The only truly Belgian person in Belgium is the King, others are either Wallons or Flemish. This is what Don Esaias told me. He has travelled extensively.
Long live the King!

At the most superlative wonderful youth hostel of Luxembourg, by the river Alzette, Don Esaias had his lunch, sausages again! This time with Battin. Well, he deserved it, cycling in hot weather is tough. Sportstracker tell that he burned lots of calories today, some 2500 kcal.
Crème brûlée for dessert.
After the city center we followed the river Alzette. Some people despise its smell, but for no reason. Look at these photos. There is some Eutrophication (Finnish: rehevöityminen), but the condition of the river is improving. Today the water was crystal clear. Although I have to admit that the new polarizing filter has something to do with this.

Plants in the stream are pretty, too. They move hypnotically.


Last, but not least, the video made by Don Esaias. Unfortunately we have to listen to his music as well. Remeber to click HD-button for better quality.

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