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Symposium Sculpture Lorentzweiler 2013

The town of Lorentzweiler organize each year the so called "Symposium de Sculpture". I am ignorant of art and therefore had to ask my buddy Don Esaias what does "Symposium" mean. He explained that in ancient Greece, the symposium (Greek συμπόσιον symposion) was a drinking party. It was an important social institution where men of good family debate, plot, boast or simply revel with others. But in this context it just means a gathering of artist to work together, and in the end, to present their work publicly. A synonym for symposium could be workshop.


That is what happened in Lorenzweiler. Four artists, three of which came from abroad, worked one week together carving huge blocks of oak tree prepared for them in advance. In order to participate in the symposium, the artists had to present a plan. This year there were dozens of applications and the jury chose four. Among them, a Finnish artist blacksmith Risto Immonen from Lapland. You may appreciate his work at

Here are the three foreign invited artist: Kerstin Vicent, Risto Immonen and Georgi Minchev.


The venue: Maison des Jeunes

Paul Baach opened the Vernissage (event where the works of art are presented to the public for the first time) stating that the symposium is probably one of the smallest in the world, but has already a long history. He promised to make more publicity next year. Already this year they tried some new ways of invitation: I received a letter, written in FINNISH, inviting me to the varnishing event. I was impressed by the letter, wanted to find out who is writing Finnish at the town hall. I learned that Mr. Baach knows some Finnish, but in his own words, his knowledge is limited to the word "Kippis".

Don Esaias was observing the speeches from distance. but carefully analyzing the work realized.


As soon as the speeches were over he felt thirsty and tasted products of Brasserie National. DSC_5339
Here are the stars:

Mr. Immonen with his creation "Polyfonia", where two separate waves rise from the stem and meet on the top forming harmony.

Mrs. Vicent's work is called Glücksmoment, or the moment of happiness. Nice.

Moments of happiness.

Don Esaias have to boost his ego. The young man's shoes and trousers are perfect mach to DE's colours.

On the right master smith Jean Bichel. He made one of my favourite landmarks, the iron man in the roundabout in front of Walferdange shopping center. What a pleasure it was to meet him and his lovely wife.

Here is the work by Mr. Bichel in Walferdange



In the front Mr. Koch's "Happyness" and next to it Mr. Minchev's "Roundabout". Great work!

Don E. is ecstatic on top of the Polyphonic harmony.

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